Friday, May 18

Goals for my blog

Lots O' Content : I have seen this method succeed many times on the internet, if only for one reason: the internet is addicting! Some examples of people that have become semi-famous (or famous) that I follow are: Strobist (David Hobby), Wheezywaiter (Craig Benzine), Tobygames (Toby Turner), Stuckincustoms (Trey Ratcliff), and Damnuglyphotography (Brad Trent). A lot of these people started posting a lot, and their viewership rose exponentially. A few had really great content from the start (more on that later), but some just posted a lot and neatened up the rough edges later.

This is why I would set my posting goal at 3 posts per week. Some would be short, and some would be my takes on other blogs I read, with my commentary tacked on. I've also started a 365 project. For my 365 project, I would want my photos to stand on their own, with little to no writing. So that would be at least a post a day, with other posts and tips written out for my dear readers.

Super High Quality : This is where the going gets tough: I want my writing and photography to be approximately “magazine quality”. It won't be easy, because writing, editing, shooting, and post-processing images all take a fair amount of time. Hopefully I can have some of my friends help with the editing part (help?), possibly the post-processing part (not too likely), and the encouragement part (very likely). If you look at all the blogs above, they have started out, or continuously made their way towards, very high quality. It probably comes from working on and thinking about their blogs every day.

Guest posts : I wouldn't be averse to having some of my friends or other photographers I know come on and do a guest post. Most probably won't be about photography, but I will try and have them tie it in with general creativity in some way.

Keep the gear out: This might be a hard one, but it's something I really want for my audience. I want to keep this blog as creativity-centered, and the least gear centered possible. There are a couple of reasons for this: I want to create an audience of people that can be from any area, and still enjoy the blog without having to skip over a review every other post. Another reason is that I have stopped reading certain blogs just because their main content is photography in it's current state. I want to be a writer who looks both into the past, and to the future for inspiration. From time to time I will post a review of some piece of gear, but I will try and keep it to less than two per month. Also, if you're looking for camera suggestions, you won't find a review here. I definitely have opinions in that matter, but I would prefer to talk one on one with someone about what they want before giving a recommendation.

The audience You to have fun: That's as simple as I can put it. Hopefully I can have humor mixed into my writing, as well as photos, without going too overboard.

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