Thursday, June 7

Best of the Web - Crash Course: World History.

Best of the web encompasses blogs, video series, websites, and anything else innovative on the web.  These are things that I have found or that others have recommended to me, so if you know of somthing that is worthy of the title "best of the web", please tell me in the comments.

If you've ever wondered what was in that ginormous brick of a world history textbook, but didn't actually open it, then you should take a crack at John Green's Crash Course.  Throughout 40 approximately 13 minute free videos, he takes you through western civ, eastern civ, and civ 5.  They are all informative and funny, so you should watch them.  You might learn something!

More of my favorites past the break.

Thanks and be sure to leave a suggestion in the comments to make best of the web the BEST!

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