Wednesday, June 20

Best of the web: Everything is a remix

Best of the web encompasses blogs, video series, websites, and anything else innovative on the web.  These are things that I have found or that others have recommended to me, so if you know of somthing that is worthy of the title "best of the web", please tell me in the comments.

If you've ever heard the phrase "there's nothing new under the sun", then you already know the basis for Kirby Ferguson's series Everything is a remix.  Throughout the videos he explains why creativity is always based on previous influences. He points out that the most highly regarded creative people follow a pattern: copy, transform, combine.  In the fourth part, he notes how our copyright and patent systems don't account for the derivative nature of creativity.  These videos have drastically changed how I view creativity and in that way, strongly influenced my work.  A must watch for anyone who creates!

Parts two, three, and four past the break.

This is one that I first heard about from vincent laforet's blog (as noted on my page blogs I frequent).

He's also working on a new series called This is not a Conspiracy Theory.

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